Graham Enterprise, Inc. is a name associated with petroleum since 1922. As a third generation family owned business, our exponential growth over the decades has resulted in GEI having branded relationships with BP; Citgo; Marathon; Shell; ExxonMobil; and four channels of trade including 37 Company Owned & Operated; 14 Commission Marketers; 127 Dealer Owned & Dealer Operated; and 3 Company Owned and Dealer Operated sites placing GEI among the largest branded distributors in the US.

GEI is continually evolving its Business Growth Strategy; expanding the organization with talent at all levels; and supporting the entire plan with the Best in Class Training & Development Program second to none in the industry.

We offer competitive compensation with comprehensive benefit package for all eligible employees.


“We Care” and therefore we strive to provide an experience that people will seek out.
Our commitment is to consistently exceed customer expectation in order to make them happy to return.


To seek maximum, long-term profit growth as the primary means to ensure the prosperity and wellbeing of all stakeholders.


Quality people, product, services and facilities are critical components to the success of GEI.

Teamwork is an attitude of helping and cooperating with other team members to reach their full potential.
Everyone is expected to continually improve their own skills and abilities as well as to train and support team members.

Customer Service
Customer Service is Graham Enterprise’s number one priority. Our customer must receive exceptional service every time they visit our stores. The team members not directly serving the customer recognize that it’s critical they provide the best support possible for those who do. Our overarching objective is to exceed expectations in a fast, friendly, safe and clean environment because “We Care”.

Graham enterprise believes in unquestionable ethics and integrity.
The Company creates an environment where people are valued as individuals and treated with respect and dignity, fairness and equality.

Two-way communication through all levels of the organization is critical.
Every team member must clearly understand what to do; what standards are expected; how to do the task; and how well they accomplish the assignment.

GEI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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